A Month Without Radio

“I’ve got a lot on my mind”

This is something that I seem to be saying (either to others, or to myself) more and more lately.  I usually use it as an excuse for forgetting something, or screwing something up.  And it’s true, I do have a lot on my mind.  Cleaning, home repairs, classes and activities for the kids, maintaining a healthy relationship with my wife, staying on top of things at work, pondering the nature of existence (and of course blogging.  Can’t forget that)

So why in Hades would I want to take my only guaranteed quiet time and fill it with unimportant chatter and mindless noise?  It may sound silly, but that is exactly what I do.  I hop in the car, and before I’ve even started down the road I flip on the radio, preventing me from processing all those thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain.  And if I don’t like what I hear?  I change the station.  Again.  And again.  Till I find something tolerable.  I have even caught myself listening to commercials.  Why?  What value does any of this add?

That is why I have decided to take a break from the radio for the month of march, and see if I can’t gets some thinking done.  I’ll let you know how it works out.


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