Short Journey Into Creations ‘Beginning’

Jonathan Kerr of Existential Balance offers a his perspective on existence, creation, and the moral implications.

“yet the magnificence of feeling, physically, emotionally and mentally, should never be overlooked. The beauty of sight and sound are unparalleled, no matter how mundane the object may appear to a conditioned mind, and through our entire struggle, we should know this is ours to do with as we please. We owe no one an apology, we owe no one an explanation, and we ourselves own no one. Live your life to what your image of the fullest is, compare yourself to no one, let no one hold you back, and as long as you do not impose your will upon another, I do not see how any of us can go wrong.”

Existential Balance

(A quick note: this blog is not dead, but is not very active, I will post from time to time, but it will be sporadic and not worth your time to wait around for me, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy it)

This is from the perspective of a post-creation observer. That is to say creation has begun, if indeed there was a beginning, and along the way, or from this ‘beginning’, an observer was present. This observer is now formulating this beginning.

If one is to understand the beginning, then one must understand the present, the latter being a product of the former. In this present there are objects, stuff, and ‘things’, something which is. Thus we have Something.
In using ‘Something’ we simultaneously imply ‘Nothing.’ For ‘Something’ can only be known through comparison with ‘Nothing.’ And likewise ‘Nothing’ can only be known through comparison with…

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