Triggers for My Eating Habit

Its been almost a week since I stared the August 2014 Local Eating Challenge, and I feel great!  I have learned a lot about myself, and the way our food is produced.  The biggest challenge was definitely when I had to spend the better part of 2 days, and one night out of town.  I still wasn’t sure how much food I would need, but I managed to survive off of 5 pints of blueberries, some radish seed pods, a beet, and a few ears of corn.  (also, I was able to find a restaurant that had some local cider)  Definitely not something I would like to do all the time, but it was a learning experience.

One thing that I learned, is there are a number of reasons why I eat, and not all of them involve necessity, or hunger.  These include:

  • The food is available
  • I’m Bored
  • Out of Habit (snacking at my desk at work for instance)
  • I’m dehydrated (Sometimes we can get confused, and think that we are hungry when we are actually thirsty)
  • Someone else is eating
  • I am stressed

Having strict limits set on what I could eat, caused me to think every time before I just started gorging.  I had to ask myself, “Is this something I can eat?” and it brought a certain level of awareness to my eating experience.  It inserted an empty space between my impulses and my actions, a time when I could say, “Hey, am I really even hungry?”

So, next time you are headed for the pantry, ask yourself why.  You might be surprised by the answer.




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