50 Steps to Achieving All My Goals (Part 1)

I have a lot of goals:  Eat right, exercise regularly, have a clean organized home, be a good parent, work less, make more money, and be a better husband, among other things.  Here is the step-by-step process I have been using to accomplish those goals.

  1. Read several articles about self improvement
  2. Fantasize about actually following through with the plan outlined in those articles
  3. Read two more articles
  4. Forget what I read in the first few articles
  5. Start a blog without a clear direction, I just know I want to make money
  6. Have a cup of coffee
  7. Feel inadequate
  8. Eat junk food to make me feel better
  9. Check blog stats
  10. Wonder why I even try
  11. Yell at the wife and kids
  12. Read an article from Psychology Today to figure out why I act this way
  13. Pour over blog stats at work.  Instead of working.
  14. Try to find the article I read the first day, cause I know the answer is in there somewhere
  15. Start another blog
  16. Determine to do better
  17. Read more articles
  18. Finally find the answer to all my problems
  19. Have a few candy bars
  20. Check my blog stats while I am supposed to be playing with the kids
  21. Run around the house absentmindedly, leaving drawers and cabinets opened, and a trail of candy wrappers/dirty dishes
  22. Check blog stats
  23. Worry about how messy the house is, how I am failing at work, and failing as a husband and father
  24. Wallow in self pity
  25. Check blog stats (I got a new follower!  Hope is restored!)
  26. It was just a company trying to sell me something
  27. More Coffee
  28. Start a blog post, don’t have time to finish it, post it and call it “Part 1” and never make a part two

Update:  29.  Come back the next day and remove careless errors I was too lazy to look for.  There are probably more I missed.



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