The Illusion of Independence

In our culture there is much importance placed on being able to take care of oneself, and a great feeling of shame in having to ask for help.  Obviously, if you need help, you must have done something wrong.  But can anyone be truly independent?  Everything we are and everything we have comes from without.  The air we breath, the food we eat, the ground we walk on, and our bodies themselves.  Even the most creative of our ideas comes not from within, but from observing the world around us.  We are inseparable from the earth, and from each other. 

What joy would there be if your eyes became independent?  If suddenly they were able to function and survive without the nourishment your body provides, or without needing your brain to interpret what they see?  They may decide to pop themselves right from their sockets, and where would that leave you?  What if your other body parts followed suit, and scuttled off to assert their own independence?  We, just like your body parts, can never be independent, because we are one.  Realizing this, it becomes so much more important to take care of each other, and of the earth.  We are more than neighbors, and the earth is more than our home, we are one.


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